All articles and test results are based on our old style 90 Degree Pick-up Port system prior to the introduction of our new “Max System”. With its increase in water volumes, the new Max Pick-up Port System provides approximately 10% of additional cooling above our preceding 90 Degree Pick-up Port design.

What some experts are saying about the benefits of a Drive Shower:

Tyler Crockett,  Stern Drive Tech for Hot Boat Magazine
“I firmly believe in the use of stern-drive showers.”
“I also wonder why a manufacturer would not make this part of standard accessory."
"I would definitely install a stern-drive shower. The dealer that told you that the new Bravos don't need them is not correct.".

Matt Wise, Certified MerCruiser Master Technician
“I feel that every boat should have a Multiport Drive Shower”

Test results and letters regarding the Multiport Drive Shower®:

U.S. Customs Service:
Test Results: 50 degree drop in drive operating temperature

Gene Weeks, Thunder Marine / Team Lazarra Offshore Race Team:
Test Results: 15 to 20 degrees more cooling that an Imco Power Shower

John Barr, technical writer  for Boating and Dockside Magazines:
Test Results: 8 to10 degrees more cooling with the Halo Design vs Summit

John Barr, technical writer  for Boating and Dockside Magazines:
Test Results: Temperature reduction from a Halo on a Bravo III from 273 to 221 degrees

Dennis Lozito President  of Community Auto & Marine
Test Results: Temperature reduction from a Halo on a Bravo III from 280 to 225 degrees

Steve Columbe, manufacturer, High Torque Marine
“Better performance than any other drive shower we have ever used”

Brent Magsig, Race Team  Manager, Mastry Engine Center
“These showers are working very well”

Mike Cilenti, Multiport  Drive Shower Customer
Test Results:  50 degree drop in drive operating temperature on an Alpha Drive from 265 to 217 degrees

What our Customers have to say about Simrek Multiport Drive Showers® 

Some posts from Offshoreonly.Com and email

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From: Dan Keesey [mailto:dkeesey@ci.la-verne.ca.us]
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 7:38 PM
To: info@driveshowers.com
Subject: Halo Photos

Attached are a couple of pics demonstrating your Halo drive shower on my boat. Awesome! I was reviewing other pics from the Advantage Boats Regatta and noticed that most other showers, especially the cap type, had no water spray at all. The pictures were very telling indeed. I've had the Halo shower on for a year, but this is the first time I saw it in action. I intend to show these pictures to my mechanic as well. He was not familiar with the Halo and initially recommended I go with a different type of shower until he saw the Halo shower. I'm sure he'll be impressed too! Thought I would share. Thanks for the great product. Daniel W. Keesey

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From: Rick L Bussinger [mailto:bussinger@sbcglobal.net]
Sent: Wed 3/31/2004 8:58 PM
To: simrek @driveshowers.com
Subject: Great Product!!

Howdy, I just wanted to let you know that I received my driveshower about 3 weeks ago. It took all of 15 minutes to install and the instructions were great. Being late spring here in West Texas, I have been on the lake 3 times now and it works great! Every year for the past 8 years my drive unit has developed a chalky look on it and I never could understand why. I would paint it each season and the first day out, it would look chalky again. I finally gave up on painting it. Just prior to installing the DRIVESHOWER I sanded and painted my Alpha 1 unit and so far, it still looks new! I was introduced to your product by a Donzi club last fall and was told it would perform just as it has. Even at a slow idle the DRIVESHOWER is putting water on my drive unit. What a great product! Rick Bussinger Lubbock, Texas

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From: Steve & Sharon Keller [mailto:steve4@digital-link.net]
Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2004 6:36 PM
To: info@driveshowers.com
Subject: Halo Driveshower

I have a 29’ Baja Outlaw SST with twin Merc Mag MPI’s and Bravo 1 drives. The boat has a tie bar between the drives and Latham Steering. I have been having trouble with the drive oil in the reservoirs, up on the engines, expanding and pushing out all over the place when I run at full throttle for more than 30 seconds, one drive more than the other. I have completed many hours of research and have concluded that I need “Drive Showers”. I boat on a lake in central Pennsylvania and there are not many boats that have Drive Showers, and the ones that do, are the type that look like a cap on top of the drive with a flexible line going down to the cavitation plate. I have never seen this “Halo” design but have pretty much decided that it is a better cooling devise, especially with the 90 degree pickup tubes. It appears that the new “Halo” will work with my application and here is a chance to introduce something NEW at the lake. Several of my boating friends are considering “Drive Showers.” Can you advise with the “Halo” will work on my boat with the tie-bar and Latham steering, and if so, how about a great price on two of them!! Thank You for your time and fast response. Steve

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From: John 'Stony' & Jackie Hilderbrandt [mailto:designerdrugv@hotmail.com]
Sent: Thu 5/13/2004 5:19 PM
To: info@driveshower.com
Subject: Nice!

Mr. Kermis,

I just installed a new Halo on my new Sea Ray BIII. It is my second Simrek driveshower and this installation was even easier than the first. Great instructions. I look forward to it keeping my drive looking new for many years.


About Us: Simrek® Corporation specializes in external stern drive cooling systems for your high performance or pleasure boating needs. Composed of high-grade stainless steel, the Simrek® Multiport Drive Shower® can add years of life to your Alpha and Bravo drives

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