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July 9, 2000


Paul C. Kermis
Simrek Corporation
137 Pacer Drive
Henrietta, New York 14467 

Dear Paul:

Sorry for the delay in getting this  information to you. We had a 1999 45' Wellcraft Excalibur with signs of serious overheated drives. We installed your Halo Drive Showers and Gaffrig Drive Temperature  Gauges. We also changed the drive oil to Amzoil Synthetic Gear Lube. We tested the boat with the Drive Shower eliminated on the starboard drive and found as follows:

Each test was run over a three mile  area. Your drive showers have solved the problem. There is no more discoloration  on the top of the drives. If I can be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Dennis Lozito

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Messages from more users with Bravo III’s running hot

July 27, 2000

Paul Kermis
Simrek Corporation
Multiport Drive Shower Division
137 Pacer Drive
Henrietta, NY 14467

Subject: Multiport Drive Shower Halo Bravo III Test

Dear Paul:

On July14th through 18th we conducted a series of tests  to determine the effectiveness of the halo Drive Shower to control heat on the  MerCruiser Bravo III Drive.

To assure that testing was conducted by a fair and impartial method, the drive was prepared for the test in the following manner. The drive was drained and refilled with MerCruiser high-Performance Gear Lube+ (part #29-082854A1) according to Mercury’s instructions. For all tests the drive was brought to operating temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and all trim settings were identical. Tests were conducted  with tow persons aboard and 3/4 fuel load. Weather conditions were similar on both test days.


The first step was to establish a base lime temperature and consisted of a 3-mile run at 4100 rpm in both directions. The ambient temperature was 97-101 degrees and the water temperature was 87 degrees. All data was recorded using  GPS, Radar and a consolidated Gear Smart analog drive temperature sensor. We recorded a high temperature of 273 degrees on the south run and 271 degrees of the north  run.


After installing the Multiport Drive Shower and stabilizing the drive temperature  at 100 degrees, we conducted the same protocol used in the first test. The results  of the tests are as follows: On the north rum we recorded a pear temperature of  221 degrees and on the south run we recorded a peak temperature of 219 degrees.

The following day we repeated the tests and experienced similar results, reaching  a peak temperature of 269 degrees without the Multiport Drive shower installed and 227 degrees with the drive shower installed. On both test protocols we experienced approximately a 47 to 52 degree reduction in drive temperature.

The vessel used in both series of tests was a 26' deep V sport boat equipped with a MerCruiser 7.4LXMPF with a Bravo III drive with a 1.81 gear ration. The  vessel’s approximate weight was 4700 lbs. The ambient temperature on both  days was 97-101 degrees with a water temperature of 87 degrees. Wind at the time  was 10-15 mph out of the south. All tests were conducted in a north to south direction and reversed.

These tests were conducted independently and without any compensation from Simrek Corporation. Although I have taken steps to assure the accuracy of my tests,  results can vary depending on the condition of the drives tested, the ambient weather and water temperatures and the condition of vessel used in the test.

Paul, I hope these test results are what you were looking for. We were absolutely  pleased with the performance of the Halo Multiport drive shower. If there should  be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

(signature removed for security purposes)

John Barr
Technical Editor
Dockside Magazine

Date: 5 Jun 2000 15:22:20 -0400
From:"Michael Cilenti" <Michael Cilenti@NEWYORKLIFE.COM>

Just so you know, I received a summit drive shower last week from you and
thanks for the 1/8" tip on drilling my drive.

Before the install I hooked an electronic automotive oil temp sending unit to my
out drive vent hole and ran the wire to the gauge in the boat,, (Mercury would
have loved to see that)  My drive temp was about 265 degrees, with the unit
installed I dropped to about 217 degrees. I ran the boat at 4000 rpms for about
3 miles between two bridges to use as a reference point. I also did this three
times and let the engine and drive cool for 15 min. between runs. The gauge is
old but I think I got some good readings.

Last but not least the river was a little dirty and I must hit a little twig and
it clogged one of the pickup ports. I noticed this when I put her on the
trailer,,  so back in we went because the temp was still around 217.   I looked
over the stern and the water was going up the open side and still feeding the
drive with plenty of water. This is a very cool product and works really well.
Thanks again for your help and best of luck with DRIVE SHOWERS.

My boat is a Crownline 196 BR with 5.0L and Alpha gen. II drive, Prop is Merc.
alpha 4 with an 18" pitch

Mike Cilenti

About Us: Simrek Corporation specializes in external stern drive cooling systems for your high performance or pleasure boating needs. Composed of high-grade  stainless steel, the Simrek Multiport Drive Shower® can add years of life to your Alpha and Bravo drives

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