The Simrek Multiport Drive Shower system comes
with a built in water filtration system.

A stern drive cooling system will not be of much value to you if it plugs up with the debris that is normally found the water. How do you know if your drive shower is plugged? Are you willing to hang over the back of your boat while it is under way to make sure that it’s still working? How are you going to remove the twig that is stuck in one of the bends near the top? What about the growing problem with fresh water Zebra Muscles? These are all serious questions that you should be asking when it comes time to select a drive cooling system.

To solve this problem, we decided to add a pin to the entrance of the pick-up ports which would divide the tube in half. We also designed our dump ports to be larger than ½ of the tubing diameter, so anything that can get past the pins will flow out the dump ports. While designing our system, we experimented with incorporating a larger number of smaller ‘nozzle like’ dump ports. We also tried slots instead of holes, to give the dump-ports more of a fanning pattern. Both of these concepts led to the system plugging up with debris. Even seaweed had becoming a serious problem with these dump-port configurations. With the proper balance between efficiency and reliability, our Multiport Drive Showers with the new Patented “Max System”, will out perform any drive cooler on the market, for years to come.


About Us: Simrek Corporation specializes in external stern drive cooling systems for your high performance or pleasure boating needs. Composed of high-grade  stainless steel, the Simrek Multiport Drive Shower® can add years of life to your Alpha and Bravo drives

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90 Degree Pick-Up Ports US Patent number 6,241,566 Issue Date June 6, 2001.