National Marine Support Center
6100-b U.S. Hwy. 1, North
St. Augustine, Florida 32095

September  22,1998

Mr. Paul Kermis
SIMREK Corporation
137 Pacer Drive
Henrietta, NY 14467

Dear Mr. Kermis;
     This letter is in response to your inquiry regarding  the performance of the drive showers which my agency purchased for performance  testing.
     The shower was installed on a 42' Fountain Lightning  with 502 EFI engines and Bravo 1 outdrives.  Only one shower was installed on one outdrive and both outdrives were equipped with temperature gauges, with sensors in the oil filler holes.
     After approximately five minutes of operation at 4500 RPMs, the outdrive without shower registered 190 degrees.  The drive with the shower failed to record the minimum gauge temperature of 140 degrees.  The gauges were reversed to make sure that there was not a gauge failure.  The same results was obtained.
     Based on this single test, I found that the use of the  shower results in a sensor reading indicating a reduced oil temperature of at  least 40 degrees and possibly more.  How this finding will effect the life  of the outdrive unit is difficult to determine.  However, I do know that  the enemy of moving parts is heat and I have every reason to believe that the shower significantly reduces this problem.   It therefore stands to reason that we can expect a proportional increased life expectancy for our outdrive units.
     I hope that this letter answers your questions.   If I can be of further service, please contact me at your leisure.

(signature removed for security purposes)

Benjamin A. Rich, Special Agent
Program Manager

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