June 1, 2000

Paul Kermis
Simrek Corporation
Multiport Drive Showers Division
137 Pacer Drive
Henrietta, NY 14467

Dear Paul:

As you are aware I had the opportunity to test your Summit Design Multiport  Drive Showers for an article which appeared in the August 1999 issue of Dockside  Magazine. The results of that test were quite remarkable. With the testing protocol  I used and taking into account a factor of plus or minus 2% I was amazed to find that on an average the temperatures encountered in an Alpha drive was reduced  in some tests by as much as 50 degrees. A few months later you again contacted me, stating that you had improved on that design and that your Halo design would further lower drive temperatures. Quite frankly, I found that hard to believe. Your suggested that I perform a side by side comparison of both versions of your drive showers. Recently I had the opportunity to do just that and to confirm or  deny your claims.

I conducted a test on a vessel that was equipped with twin Bravo One Drives. After establishing base lime temperature readings with both drives without showers  I installed one drive with the original Summit and the other with the Halo design.  (These drives were counter rotating and the starboard drive had a temperature reading of approximately 4 degrees higher than the port drive.) I then followed  the same protocol used in the original test and found to my astonishment that  in fact I had recorded an 8 to 10 degree further drop in temperature in the drive equipped with the Halo drive shower after taking into account the drive temperature  differential. But what is noteworthy is that although the temperature in the Summit  equipped drive did record a slight temperature rise over time (2 to 4 degrees) due to what I suspect was heat saturation, the drive equipped with the Halo did not experience the same phenomena. Needless to say I was impressed.

I did not expect you could improve on the Summit design, but Paul you did. These test were conducted independently and without any compensation from Simrek Corp. Although I have taken steps to assure the accuracy of my tests, results  can vary depending on condition of the drives tested and ambient water temperature. I can state with confidence that both of your drive shower units can vastly improve  the life expectancy of any stern drive unit when installed according to your instructions.

Thank you for the opportunity to test your product and great success in the  future.

Best Regards,

(signature removed for security purposes)

John Barr
Technical Editor
Dockside Magazine

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