The Max System

The Latest Innovation from Simrek:
The Halo Max and the Summit Max

Why did we call it the Max System?

Our new "No Drill" Mounting Brackets means that we are no longer restricted to a pick-up port system that must be inserted through holes drilled in the anti-cavitation plate. This gave us the opportunity to improve our pick-up port system. Soft bends with no changes to the shape or diameter of the flow means less restriction and thus more water volumes. Anyone that has used a garden hose knows that. What was interesting however was what happened when we took the "Mythbusters" approach, and pushed the design to the extremes. We doubled the size of the tube, and increased the number of dump-ports until there was just enough water pressure to feed them all. With double the water volume, plus more dump-ports than the tubing could handle structurally under normal conditions, this exaggerated design yielded only a 5% increase in efficiency, or about 3 degrees of extra cooling. The term in Physics use to describe this condition is "The Law of Diminishing Returns". It’s the same reason that you don't use a fire hose to water your lawn.

As a result of the four magazine articles (posted on this site under "Product Reviews"), it has become widely recognized that targeting the sides of the drive and not the top, is the most efficient way to cool the oil inside the drive, and keep it from loosing its ability to lubricate the bearings. At over an inch, the top bearing cap is simply too thick to allow the temperatures to wick through it fast enough to keep up with the heat that the bearings are producing inside the drive. Our Halo Multiport Drive Shower is the only system that doesn't waste any of its cooling water on the top bearing cap, or preheat the water by passing it over the top bearing cap on its way to the sides of the drive. Instead, all 15 dump-ports target the sides and the back of the drive, where the material thickness gets down to as little as 1/8th of an inch thick. If the oil never reaches the temperature at which it begins to loose its ability to lubricate the bearings, they will never reach a temperature high enough to cause them to fail.

If a drive cooler gets clogged with debris, it can't possibly cool the drive effectively. To eliminate this condition, we included a filtration system that consists of a pin that we inserted thru the tube near the opening of the pick-up port. What this pin does is to divide the tube in half; anything that can get by the pin is small enough to get out the dump ports.

Here is what we have put together: two of the most efficient pick-up ports possible, the most efficient delivery system possible, a filter to keep everything from clogging up, plus a mounting system that doesn't require drilling holes in your drive. With its 65 degrees of cooling protection, we feel it warrants the name, "The Halo Max". If someone claims that their drive cooler will out perform it, they will first have to change some of the "Laws of Physics".

To keep Simrek's Multiport Driveshowers out in front of all our competitors, especially those that have simply copied our designs with a couple of added gimmicks and colors, this latest design of pick-up ports and mounting bracket now Protected by US Patent #7,666,042 B2, Issue Date Feb. 23, 2010.

About Us: Simrek® Corporation specializes in external stern drive cooling systems for your high performance or pleasure boating needs. Composed of high-grade stainless steel, the Simrek® Multiport Drive Shower® can add years of life to your Alpha and Bravo drives

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